Friday, September 5, 2008

Too Good to Be True?

So I typed this blog and although it said it was saving this whole time, apparently it wasn't, and I'm pretty peeved because it was pretty lengthy with details that I might forget now. I'm pissed. Let's see if I can't remember how the rest of it went.

I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to own my dream camera--the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP SLR with the 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS lens. Yes, it is fairly new [release in January of this year?] but it is priced at $799 basically everywhere. With it being out of stock in the nearby CircuitCitys and WalMarts, local camera stores not carrying the brand, and Kitz Camera in the mall not willing to go lower than $799 [why would they, being a corporately owned store?], I decided to go online. had a pretty good deal: $564.

And if you're reading this and aren't good at math, $799-564=$235 in savings. So I made sure it was the right model and the right lens and I clicked "Place My Order." The next morning I received a phone call from 1-800-000-0004. I didn't answer because A.) I don't answer numbers that aren't programmed into my phone, B.) I was half asleep, and C.) what kind of legitimate number is that?! The voice message they left said that it was TopChoiceDigital calling for telephone confirmation of the order and left a different 1-800 number with extension to call back on. I called back and confirmed my order. The guy asked, "It's a Japanese model. Is that okay?" Confused because it didn't say that on the website, I asked, "What's the difference?" "Well, the writing in the manual and on the camera is in Japanese and it's a one-year Japanese warranty. And it comes with the Japanese battery which only lasts 15-minutes." I said, "Well how much is the U.S. model?" "$640. And it comes with the 4-hour battery." If I were to upgrade the battery, which I would need to do anyway, it would be more than the difference between the two models. I said, "Fine, just upgrade it then. Nothing else." He gave me my total of $695 after taxes [which is still $100+ cheaper than anywhere around here] and I got off the phone.

I was getting my dream camera and that was that.

Two hours later I missed two phone calls. The voice messages were as follows: "Hi this is TopChoiceDigital calling for Miranda. We are having a problem completing the transaction. Please give us a call at 1-800 [whatever] extension [whatever]." Note, this is yet another different 1-800 number. And "[Robot] Hello. This is Chase Credit Card's Fraud Department calling for Miranda. There is a transaction in question and we need verification of said transaction. Please call us back at 1-800 [whatever]." I was getting pretty frustrated over the fact that A.) this transaction wasn't going smoothly, B.) the FRAUD department of my credit card company was calling me for the first time ever, and C.) the e-mails I kept getting in regards to the transaction were from "" instead of "," which doesn't end up being a website when you type it into the URL bar.

So I called the third 1-800 number for this "TopChoiceDigital" place and straight up cancelled the transaction. The cancelling went smoothly and without hesitation [have they had many cancellations before?] and then I called my credit card's number, confirmed that I knew what the transaction was, and they said that if I wanted to continue with said transaction, I'd need to talk to the vendor again, which I wasn't going to do.

I then got a confirmation e-mail for the cancellation signed "Broadway Photo." I've heard nothing but horrible things about this online company and apparently they have a bunch of branch websites that are really "camera switch sites." I don't know what that means and I don't really want to, but here's a list [not hyperlinked] of other websites that Broadway Photo runs:

Honestly? How rude! So I'm glad that transaction was cancelled and whenever I get my camera [hopefully sooner than later], it'll be face-to-face, legitimate, and immediate with no scammers, no screwy websites, and no bullshit.

Too good to be true.

After this whole fiasco, I grabbed myself a Caesar salad [surprised?] and popped in some Sex and the City. Now, if you're watching the series, stop reading just in case I give something away you haven't seen already.

Anyway, in these episodes, Carrie is dating every girl's "dream guy" named Aiden--nice, kind, gentle, caring, studly, etc. They're doing great, until she decides to have an affair with her married ex-boyfriend, Big, who took her on emotional roller coasters multiple times before. She claims she's "trying to get out" of it, but she then sleeps with him two or three more times.

Which brings me to my question: how is it possible for someone to cheat on someone that they really and truly care about? I don't think it is. But the fact that someone can just totally disregard what would happen to the other person if they found out about the situation... it's just wrong.

And it makes me sick.

What else makes me sick are Murphy's farts. They are so wretched and nasty and I can't understand how something so putrid can come out of such a tiny little thing! It's literally like a brick wall of fumes coming at you like a freight train.

And it makes me sick.

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